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By Zsa Zsa Tudos

ISBN-10: 1105185494

ISBN-13: 9781105185496

A multidimensional life of earthlings from a macrocosmic view.First within the sequence of sevenThe first iteration soul Hera – who teaches holistic stories on the earth the place she is named Zeta - sends a pupil as much as brother Hades to benefit in regards to the common legislation and existence. via Mabek’s multidimensional traveling Earth turns into just one of the planets within the macrocosm. The broadened horizon brings questions and doubts into his Earthly lifestyles. Being on Ursa significant whereas dwelling in the world can make anyone crack besides the fact that Mabek’s interest is never-ending, is going via measurement alterations and megastar gates to stick to his activity and to discover the certainty he seeks. The solutions to his questions come from Hades itself through the promised classes and from Mabek’s advisor Linaha.The tale is a simultaneous account of funny-happy-sad occasions in regards to the similar souls in numerous dimensions. It offers the reader a practical view of the fights inside of and the interrelations of energies.You could by no means examine lifestyles an identical approach back. 5       Mabek’s stroll via megastar gates to arrive his quarters. at the street he meets his advisor, Linaha6       Zeta, Lenny and Christie speak about the soul giving procedure7       Hades ponders in regards to the earlier and current. Tati, his laptop is introduced8       We meet the Earthly Mabek known as Zoltan9       Mabek’s doubts in regards to the value of studying. He additionally reveals the bathroom10.    Zeta’s emotions on the earth and Aurora’s visit.11.    Hades contacts his spouse, Ariadne. The Orion headquarters12.    Mabek and Linaha to prepare his strategies approximately multidimensional living13.    Zeta faces her prior so one can transparent the present14.    Mabek meets his earthly astral body15.    Zeta recalls her ex-husband Tamas, who's the earthly soul of Hades.16.    The Alfa & Omega Council on Orion sixteenth 17.    Zeta’s conversation with the 4th magus, Mekhtani18.    Hades clears happenings within the past19.    Mabek’s confusion approximately timelessness20.    Lenny’s questions about existence, his consultant and goddess Aurora21.    Mekhtani arranges the soul giving22.    Mabek will get prepared for the 1st lesson23.    Hades and Mabek speak about the adaptation among inspiration and assumption24.    the scholars from the centre stopover at god Mardouk within the Sun25.    Hades arrives to the Council’s assembly on Orion26.    Senses and feeling with limitations. The Tantra exercise27.    Lenny visits the pyramids and the library on Galluba28.    Lesson concerning the soul, the current and the past29.    The writer arrives to the Council meeting30.    Mabek and Linaha speak about the 1st lesson31.    Lenny talks to Zeta approximately his soul siblings32.    Hades and Mabek concerning the fact. Aurora’s visit33.    Zeta’s bills of the location on the earth on the finish of the fifth sunlight Age34.    Zeus explains Keta’s state of affairs and the creation35.    Hades unearths earlier documents

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